of Lenawee County

Frequently asked questions

Q- How do I get:

State Equalization Value of Property?
Taxable Amount?
Were taxes paid?
Were there special assessments?
How many sq. feet?
What is the millage?
Last sale date?
Is it homestead or non homestead?

A - All answers can be found at http://www.lenawee.mi.us/


Q - How do I get a Building or Electrical inspection?

A - If you have an open Building or Electrical permit contact Ed Engle 734-657-4353 or engleconstruction@yahoo.com


Q - Who do I call about animal control?

A - Call Lenawee County Sheriff's office at 517-263-0524


Q - What do I need to obtain a Building Permit?

A - If the footprint is changing (a new building or an addition) a ZONING COMPLIANCE APPLICATION needs to be filled out. WIth this we need:

Two (2) sets of site plans showing all setbacks from the property lines, including setbacks of all present and proposed buildings.
Proof of ownership

With a Building Permit Application we need the following:

A Driveway permit (if no drive exists) from Lenawee County.
A Health Permit from Lenawee County Health Dept.
Three (3) sets of building plans. One set with be returned to you for a non-site copy.

For a shed under 200 sq. ft. you only need a Zoning Compliance.


Voting and Election Questions

Q - When and where do I have to register to be able to vote in an election?

A - You must register to vote 15 days prior to an election with your local clerk with proof of residence. If you move you are entitled for 30 days to vote in your old precinct. You must change your driver’s license and register to vote within 30 days after you move. You can contact your local Clerk or ask at the Secretary of State office to register to vote when you change your address on your driver’s license. You must be a US Citizen to register and 18 years old by the day of the election. You can register prior to your birthday.


Q - How do I receive an Absentee Ballot?

A - You must write or call the Clinton Township Clerk’s Office (517-456-6701) for an Absent Voter Ballot Application. When you have completed and returned the application the Clerk can send you a Ballot. If you watch the Daily Telegram there are announcements as to when the Clerk will be in the Office so you can pick up an application or vote at the Township Hall prior to the Election.


Q - Where do I vote and are you handicapped accessible? A - Clinton Township holds elections for precinct 1 Township residents and Precinct 2 Village of Clinton residents in the Clinton Township Hall at 172 W. Michigan Ave. in Clinton, Mi. We have a wheelchair ramp for easy access to the building and we have a voter assist  Terminal (VAT). The VAT has brail, earphones, touch screen and a connection for a puffer system. We will be glad to assist you in the voting process.